Put some Spring into your communications

So its officially Spring now – and with the clock change about to be upon us too this coming weekend, are you taking advantage of this forward momentum in your businesses?

You should definitely be looking at your marketing strategy at this time of year. We are about to move into the second quarter and you should be reviewing where your business has been coming from during 2010 and ALTERING your marketing strategy to take full advantage of this.

Are you comparing new business trends against Q1 of 2009 – can you see that one area in particular is performing well for you….if so DO MORE OF IT!

Marketing should be a well thought out, methodical exercise to attract more of the same customer into your business, and it doesn’t matter whether you are selling a product or a service – or selling to direct customers or other businesses.

You should have a clear idea of who your target audience is – and there are likely to be subsets within your broad audience. So you should understand your customer, how they buy, what messages work well for them – and where they are most likely to find out about you.

That way, you can begin to COMMUNICATE & INTERACT with them and have lasting relationships that mean they come back time and time again – and recommend you to others.

And if you find that you have tried a few different ways of marketing – with some careful measurement you can see what has worked, and what hasn’t – then you should now be altering your strategy to do more of what has worked, and less of what hasn’t. So its not rocket science – but a discipline none-the-less.

Very few businesses are keeping as close a track as they should of where they get business from – of course, you will have a gut feel for it, but don’t allow this to stop you doing the proper measurement and tracking – you might be surprised at what patterns emerge.

I’m currently offering a free one hour marketing consultation for small businesses. So if you know anyone who would be interested in having a chat about what I can do to make their marketing more effective, please ask them to email me at contact@mypinkiepromise.co.uk

Have a good week,


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