How to be a good business ‘Scout': Be Prepared

Give yourself a Tick

When I meet business contacts at events, I often wonder whether people think ahead about why they have decided to attend an event, who they had hoped to meet there, and what they expected (if anything!) to get out of going along.

Sometimes the attraction of a business event is the programme and speakers, but often we go along to an event because we are also hoping to get the chance to talk to people about what we do. And of course there are networking events we go to which are dedicated to finding out about others and spreading the word about our own businesses.

And we should be thinking carefully before we go about what we want people to remember about our products and services – and how we can get the chance to follow-up and tell them more.

I have attended events where it is obvious that the people you are talking to are not even really listening to you – they are just waiting to get the chance to sell their own products or services to you and then move onto the next person. They are usually the serial business card collector who are desperate to grab as many cards to take home and somehow they believe that will turn into a whole bunch of orders for them!

Or the other end of the spectrum are those people who are running a business, and who have a very good service but who are painfully reticent at the thought that anyone will be interested in what they are offering. I’ve noticed that these people don’t usually have a product to sell, and part of the problem is that they are finding it much harder to ‘sell themselves’.

So if you feel you would like to be better prepared for attending your business events, read on! In conjunction with Eugene Clarke from The Communication Exchange, I will be running an interactive workshop which will show you how to integrate all of this into your wider marketing strategy and ensure that you prepare well, evaluate & follow-up.

We will also show you how to be ready for introducing yourself & your business at business events, networking and group situations. We will make sure you are prepared and feel confident.

Do you ever attend events where you see lots of the same people and find it difficult to create that spark of attention?

Or do you look at a sea of new faces and wonder how on earth you will say the right thing to sell you & your business and make them want to find out more?

Do you ever wish you could replay your introduction because you said the wrong thing or missed out on the most vital piece of your business?

Do you know why you go to certain events, and do you get to meet the people who you are likely to be able to do business with?

Come along to ‘StartRight’ on Tuesday 18th May 2010 at Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce, City Quay, Dundee: 5.30pm to 7.30pm and we will help you find the answers!

Email for more details or call 07552 167801.

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